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Real-time, proprietary monitoring and expert insights deliver transparency and advance notice of petrochemical and NGLs price movements 

As natural gas and oil production have increased in the U.S., the prominence of the NGLs and petrochemical markets has grown substantially. The U.S. petrochemical industry has staged a remarkable revival in the wake of increased production of NGLs from new shale gas fields. The infrastructure build-out from the recent NGLs production boom extends down the supply chain, from pipelines to fractionation plants, to new ethylene plant production capacity. Genscape provides a unique window into the operations of this increasingly vibrant part of the economy.

Genscape's infrared imaging cameras detect real-time status of ethylene crackers

Genscape utilizes its proprietary, patented technology to capture real-time data on the entire NGLs supply chain – pipeline flows, fractionation and processing, and downstream petrochemical demand. By providing transparency to NGLs transportation flows, processing operations like fractionation, and ethylene crackers, Genscape is aiding in this market evolution with unbiased, measured market data and analysis. This quantitative fundamental data brings efficiency to the NGLs and petrochemical markets, as more market participants can make trading and business decisions with real data on the factors underlying price.

Patented, proprietary technologies collect fundamental data 

Genscape's proprietary production forecast and demand models provide a weekly outlook through the current season, with likely range for weather-related variation

Genscape combines observations obtained from visual and infrared cameras with in-house analytical and technological expertise to provide subscribers with an unrivaled real-time view into the operations of ethylene crackers, fractionators, and pipeline flows. The images of these units show what is happening at the facility including elevated flaring, reduced operating rates, shutdowns, and restarts. Monitoring of NGLs pipelines and the underlying pipeline flow models allow for visibility and depth of pipeline flows never seen before in this industry.

Weekly and monthly reports give market participants a granular, yet also, more macro understanding of the drivers of NGLs supply and demand on a regional basis. Genscape’s U.S. and Canadian production forecast data is released two months in advance of government reports, providing a solid indicator of upcoming market reactions, and allowing industry analysts to inform their speculative bets and determine how to spend capital with more confidence in the efficiency and accuracy of their supply and demand models.

Granular data and analysis at your fingertips

Genscape users select the data or market analysis that will give them the tailored insight they seek, with options for granular data delivery, flexible real-time online dashboards, and detailed PDF reports. Subscribers have access to the analysts behind the reports and are encouraged to ask questions and interact with Genscape’s team of experts. 

Improve decision making and identify new trading opportunities

Armed with accurate, timely information about where supply, demand, and ultimately price will likely move, a range of different market participants, such as traders, analysts, marketers, and producers from financial institutions, hedge funds, E&Ps, midstream and downstream companies, government agencies and others, utilize Genscape’s petrochemical and NGLs services to understand and anticipate price trends, enhance accuracy of in-house analytics, improve decision making for capital investments, identify new trading opportunities, and increase operational efficiency.

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