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The industry’s only insight into PADD & rack city-related volumes & average prices for the wholesale transactions of refined products

Leverage actual transactional data for more accurate analysis and better-informed trading decisions

Genscape’s Supply Side products provide analysts and traders with hourly (Supply Side Monitor) or daily (Supply Side Analyst) volumes and prices by gasoline and distillate product grades, including regular gasoline, midgrade gasoline, premium gasoline, get fuel, kerosene, and diesel. Genscape meticulously tracks nearly 400 rack city locations in the U.S., providing critical, valuable insights into pricing and volumes in each of these key areas.

Genscape’s Supply Side Analyst currently offers daily prices (min, max, average) and volume data on both Gasoline and Distillates product groupings at each rack-city location, and volume data at the PADD level. This data is based on actual transactions, not on market “surveys” or estimates. For traders and analysts, leveraging actual daily volumes and prices, not delayed or aggregated data, is key to developing a more accurate picture of the market.

Regular Gasoline Prices


Delivery: Datafeed

Frequency: Daily or Hourly

Locations: North America

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Learn how Genscape provides real-time intelligence on real-world rack city volumes and prices  

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Features of the Supply Side products:

  • Coverage of 400 rack city locations across all 50 states
  • Daily (Analyst) or hourly (Monitor) volumes of products sold at the rack city level
  • Average, high, and low prices per product type on a daily or hourly frequency
  • PADD level data, including detail on PADD 1 sub-regions (PADD 1A, PADD 1B, PADD 1C) and biofuels volumes, reflecting total volumes for refined products rack transactions
  • Product grades:
    • Regular gasoline
    • Midgrade gasoline
    • Premium gasoline
    • Jet fuel
    • Kerosene
    • Diesel
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Find out How to Predict Trends in Gasoline Inventories Leveraging Genscape Data

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Benefits of the Supply Side products:​

  • Leverage actual, unreported daily volumes and prices for more accurate analysis and modeling, and more informed trading decisions
  • Chart demand over time with a detailed view of regional refined products economics
  • Tie supply and price to extraneous factors for more thorough market analysis
  • See early warning signs of supply problems for proactive portfolio management
  • Use near-real-time data to monitor changing market conditions and prices in the short and longer-terms
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Find out How to Predict Trends in Gasoline Inventories Leveraging Genscape Data