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The most extensive and up-to-date look at the daily status of refinery operations in Europe

Achieve a comprehensive view of refinery utilization by product class across Europe

As European refiners continue to navigate the current market, the operational health of the refining units becomes increasingly important. A brief upset at a distillation unit or a hydrocracker in the ARA can send refined product futures prices sharply higher. The immediacy of the effect on market prices means time is of the essence in learning about disruptions, and the startup and shutdown of refinery units.

Refinery Intelligence combines observations obtained from infrared cameras with in-house analytical and technological expertise to provide an unrivaled view into operations at European refineries. Genscape currently monitors 78 percent of ARA refineries, 78 percent of United Kingdom refineries, and 91 percent of French refineries.

Genscape's monitoring of refinery operations gives customers unique insight into both crude supply, demand, and potential supply of refined products in Europe.

Genscape monitors oil refineries across the United Kingdom, Northwest Europe, Central/Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean.


Delivery: Emailed PDF reports, unit-level data files & access to Genscape's Oil Intelligence dashboard

Frequency: Daily reports

Locations: Europe

Subscribe: Call +31 20 524 4089 or +1 866 292 8060

Refinery Intelligence Report

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Features of the EU Refinery Intelligence Report: 

  • European Refinery Intelligence Report: A PDF delivered via email each day at 1PM GMT. The report contains detailed information and commentary on the status of key units at monitored refineries in Europe by product class, giving customers insight into the production of light products, middle distillates and heavy products. The report also contains detailed information on crude flows on the TAL pipeline, a critical infrastructure component supplying Italian, Austrian, and German refineries

  • Refinery Unit Status Data File: Every PDF includes links to downloadable csv's containing an online/offline status for all UK and European refineries

  • Access to Genscape's online portal: The portal features detailed information on the status of refineries in the UK and Mainland Europe, including real-time images of operations at the refineries and unit statuses by refinery and by product type. Customers also can access real-time flow data on the TAL pipeline, including data history back to 2014

European Refinery Intelligence Report

European Refinery Intel Free Trial

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Benefits of the EU Refinery Intelligence Report:

  • Assess real-time market implications on crude oil demand and supply of refined products in a given region when you have immediate notice of outages of key processing units at refineries

  • Achieve a comprehensive view of refinery utilization by product class across Europe

  • Understand market conditions by reading daily commentary featuring unique insight into the crude and refining markets based on Genscape's institutional knowledge of refinery operations

European Refinery Intel Free Trial