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Proprietary, real-time monitoring of the LNG supply chain: commissioning through start up and continuing operations

Unique, dynamic insight into production status & maritime freight movements  

A new order in international gas markets is emerging as North America continues to thrive as the best location to purchase gas for liquefaction. Freedom from destination clauses creates new opportunities for spot cargoes and the direct purchase of gas by utilities, industrials, LNG facilities, and others not traditionally in the market. In this competitive landscape, it’s critical to have a comprehensive picture of the costs associated with purchasing gas for export. 

Genscape’s latest natural gas product offering allows users to watch new supplies of LNG come online in real time. Witness LNG exports reconfigure the North American Gas Grid and drive changes in basis pricing and balance of supply and demand. Be prepared with Genscape data as North American LNG exports bring a “new world order” to global gas and power markets. North American LNG exports will set global gas prices and power margins for years to come. 


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Delivery: Access to online dashboard

Frequency: Real-time & weekly

Locations: North America


White Paper: Understand how global LNG is about to experience a tidal wave of new supply
Receive timely LNG updates & expert market commentary covering the North American LNG Markets

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Features: The most comprehensive coverage of North American LNG markets available: 

  • Sabine_Berth.JPGInfra-red cameras provide real-time monitoring of compressors, flare stacks, and operations
  • Video cameras provide near-real-time observations of LNG ships at berth to indicate arrival, departure, loading, and vessel draft
  • Written commentary on LNG updates and alerts provides in depth analysis of the market
  • Pipeline nominations data provide details about tomorrows liquefaction and/or regasification plans where when the facility connects to interstate pipelines
  • Genscape’s terrestrial and satellite-based AIS tracking capability provides current and historic visibility including vessel location and predictive analytics for every LNG vessel journey involving North America
  • Hosted data grids include primary research about planned, operating, canceled, and retired LNG terminals that include status, dates, ownership, contracts, facility capacity, and supply chain infrastructure
  • Estimates of LNG storage inventory by facility
  • Pipeline transportation contracts by capacity holder for supply to liquefaction terminals
  • FERC, DOE, and natural gas infrastructure permits and dockets 
  • Access to Genscape's experienced LNG and natural gas analysts and interactive, online tools to let you interrogate this extensive collection of market information

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Benefits: Operational status drives financial status 

Energy infrastructure debt and equity holders, gas basis and pipeline traders get first observer advantage to:

  • See changes in operational status
  • Monitor asset operational stability and performance
  • Track real-time flow of molecules from supply market, through pipelines to LNG plants, and on the final consuming country LNG regasification facility

Strategists and Analysts can: 

  • Track LNG demand as it reconfigures the U.S. gas grid
  • Understand the dynamic picture of LNG in North America
  • Gain insight and get timely edge with Genscape's unique data signals
White Paper: Understand how global LNG is about to experience a tidal wave of new supply
LNG Monitoring Service
Receive timely LNG updates & expert market commentary covering the North American LNG Markets