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Comprehensive, real-time natural gas data and reliable intelligence at your fingertips

North America natural gas nomination dataBuilt on a steadfast mission to provide fast, comprehensive, and reliable data and intelligence, Genscape’s natural gas market services have grown from offering an easy-to-use, speedy system for viewing and analyzing public data to delivering a holistic view of the market’s most important fundamental data. Services are powered by experienced traders and analysts who understand and anticipate client needs, delivering a unique advantage to market participants. 

Today, Genscape provides as many as 48 updates in a single gas day and offers the industry’s only browser-based analytics platform, running large complex queries in less than 30 seconds. Knowing the frustration around inaccurate pipeline flow point attributions, the team of experienced analysts use sound methodology to prove the precision of each pipeline location for power plants, processing plants, intrastate interconnects, storage facilities, and city gates.

A combination of industry expertise, proprietary monitoring, and robust datasets deliver unique solutions for gas traders and analysts

utica gas price breakeven

Genscape’s extensive network of proprietary energy monitors strategically deployed on 135 gas-fired power plants, half of which are not represented in public data, offers unparalleled insight into the gas market. Using a powerful collection of public data and expert analysis, users see a more complete and accurate picture of the natural gas marketplace, allowing for faster, more confident decision making and better analytic results.

Natural Gas Production Forecast reports are the gold standard in the industry, providing a unique bottom-up analysis driven by well economics and tied to the forward curve. Clients use data that automatically adjusts to market changes for the most timely and accurate forecast available.

Fundamental data and unique analysis that deliver a new piece of the equity puzzle

Whether for a corporate stock or physical delivery, prices are tied to supply-side fundamentals. With an accurate, bottom-up analysis of fundamentals-based price drivers, market participants can make more confident, informed trading decisions when timing matters. Genscape’s equity service combines production, historical hedging, and A&D data with company conference call insights to deliver a new piece of the equity puzzle to improve efficiency and confidence in decision making.

A user-driven experience

daily nominations with no-notice data market overviewGenscape’s experienced staff know the markets and understand the frustrations felt by traders and analysts. Products are driven by user needs, such as a simple way to save queries and refresh their view of key data to improve efficiency. Additionally, clients have unlimited access to staff for anything ranging from a data collection issue to discussing the relevance of data in their market.

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