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Natural gas supply, demand, storage and congestion data across North America, delivered daily

16 regional reports with commentary that monitor constraints that define price points across the Lower 48 and Canada

Get advance notice of price movements, daily commentary, real-time alerts, and direct senior analyst access with subscriptions to Natural Gas Basis Reports. 

Genscape’s Natural Gas Basis Reports profile 16 distinct regions across the U.S. & Canada. Built by active traders, clients receive analysis that is time-tested and proven to correlate with basis point differentials. Genscape's Basis Reports include access to the analyst behind the reports. Get daily commentaries and direct access to our lead analysts to better inform your trading strategies.

NatGas Basis Reports cover 16 regions in the Lower 48 and Canada


Delivery: Emailed PDF

Frequency: Daily

Locations: North America

Subscribe: Call 866 292 8060

Natural Gas Basis Reports Free Trial


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A daily regional report of the state of natural gas, written by analysts for analysts

  • 16 distinct regions are mapped and tracked to deliver advance notice of price movements; all report and historical data is available at no charge 
  • Over 5 years in development, the precise definition of import/exports points – or “seams” – have been established to correlate well with basis point differentials
  • By measuring constraints and flows, our Basis Reports predict where congestion meets demand – highlighting fundamental changes likely to impact the forward curve
  • Exceptional customer service: if you want Genscape to monitor something specific – a compressor station, interconnect, or basin region – we’ll get the data and present it graphically

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Natural Gas Basis Report subscribers:

  • Quickly access total supply, demand, storage, or congestion nationally or by region 
  • Get direct access – email, instant message, phone – to the experienced traders and analysts who create these reports
  • Get daily commentary and major event alerts delivered to your inbox each morning before 8am CST
  • Built by former active traders in large shops, we give you a model that we know works.
NatGas Basis Report Louisiana Exports
SOURCE: Natural Gas Basis Reports show total production, demand, imports, exports and storage for 16 regions daily. The graph above shows total exports for Louisiana.


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Genscape offers Basis Reports for 16 regions across the U.S. and Canada

Each report includes a PDF and Excel data file. Click the links below for a sample report for each region from February 2014, plus examples of daily Excel data files.