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Explore the world’s most comprehensive and accurate picture of global shipping

Track vessels of interest with comprehensive terrestrial and satellite AIS data

Genscape Vesseltracker's Cockpit Tool allows users to look at vessel locations or port activity in near-real time

Genscape Vesseltracker’s AIS network, delivers exceptional transparency and insight into global vessel movements and activities, providing the market with an unrivaled understanding of the global commodity supply chain. Clients can save time and customize their system to receive automated email, SMS and telephone alerts for change of vessel draft, speed, status etc., as well as entry/exit of port or berth.

How you can leverage Genscape Vesseltracker Online:

Operations, equipment, engineering and service providers
  • Optimize cargo and port operations by staying up-to-date on vessel arrivals and departures, using our ETA calculation algorithms, sailing schedules, port agency data and integrated weather forecast
  • Generate new business with our in-depth database of vessel characteristics, including manager and owner
  • Leverage AIS information for SAR operations to assess the availability of other vessels near the incident
Logistics providers, vessel owners, operators and managers
  • Track vessels of interest with the most comprehensive terrestrial and satellite AIS data and optimize fuel consumption and voyage efficiency
  • Follow fleets of interest more efficiently by using our advanced vessel search and filter tools that allow search criteria such as type, size, flag, destination, region, dwt, TEU, draft and speed as well as filtersets and vessels-lists that have quick links and individual and group color labelling
Financial institutions, insurance and legal
  • Easily meet compliance requirements with port and terminal calls, detailed vessel tracks and globally recognized zones, such as Territorial Waters and Exclusive Economic Zones
Chartering, vetting and commodity and energy traders
  • Gain insight into the competitive landscape and market trends with over 10 years historical data
  • Record global commodity and energy movements and flows to make more informed business decisions
  • Follow trends and common routes to better anticipate vessel movements
Government and national security
  • Improve border security against vessel threats with location data and status alerts to detect unmanned vessels, suspicious vessels or engine failure


Delivery: Online dashboard and datafeed

Frequency: Real-time access

Locations: Global

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Genscape Vesseltracker AIS Accounts:

FREETerrestrial AIS for passenger vessels

COASTAL: Terrestrial AIS for all vessels

FLEETTerrestrial AIS for all vessels & satellite AIS for fleet of choice

SATELLITE: Terrestrial & satellitie AIS for all vessels