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The world’s most comprehensive and accurate picture of global shipping positions and movements

No other provider can customize a vessel tracking data feed to meet your specific needs

Genscape and Vesseltracker™ have combined their extensive proprietary energy monitoring networks to launch the world’s most comprehensive and accurate datafeed of global shipping. Genscape acquired GmbH in May 2013 to create the world's largest land and sea oil supply chain monitoring network.

With thousands of new land, sea, and satellite vessel tracking data coupled with Genscape Vesseltracker’s unique auto-cleanse/correct algorithms, traders and analysts can, for the first time, access near-real- time and highly accurate vessel/class-type shipping data. 5-year cleansed historical data is also provided. Genscape Vesseltracker’s datafeed can be customized to suit individual requirements.

Genscape Vesseltracker has the largest privately owned AIS receiver networks on the planet, combined with the largest AIS Satellite constellation currently available, over 144,000 vessels are tracked daily in near real-time. A master database of vessel characteristics, ports and distances completes the global picture.


Delivery: Online dashboard and datafeed

Frequency: Real-time access

Locations: Global

Subscribe: Call +1 866 292 8060
or +31 20 524 4083

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Genscape Vesseltracker AIS Accounts:

FREETerrestrial AIS for passenger vessels

COASTAL: Terrestrial AIS for all vessels

FLEETTerrestrial AIS for all vessels & satellite AIS for fleet of choice

SATELLITE: Terrestrial & satellitie AIS for all vessels

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Subscribers to Genscape Vesseltracker enjoy:

  • Additional services include: Largest privately owned AIS antenna network on the planet
  • Largest available AIS satellite constellation providing:
    • significantly higher rate of detection utilizing proprietary message de-collider processes
    • satellite_imagemore frequent AIS Message5 / Static data detection
  • Quality control of data via auto-cleanse/correct algorithms
  • Up to 5 years of historical data
  • Comprehensive vessel characteristics and port data
  • Over 144,000 vessels tracked per day
  • Customizable data feed to meet specific needs
  • Alerting systems via email and SMS
  • Raw NMEA datafeed available
  • XML web service for integration into owned applications
  • On-line products available to meet individual needs
  • Mobile website access (iPhone, Android, HTML5, etc.)
Designed to Grow our AIS Antenna Network by Working with Partners in Ports Around the World
"Having been a user of a number of other AIS providers in the past, our decision to partner ourselves with Genscape Vesseltracker is firmly based on our confidence in their superior AIS data and the excellent Customer Service and Technical Support that the Genscape VesselTracker team provide to us. In our experience, Genscape VesselTracker has always provided high quality, reliable data, when and where we need it."

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Customers of Genscape Vesseltracker can: 

  • Make better, faster, more informed trading decisions ahead of the competition
  • Easily identify market trends and be the first to act on opportunities
  • Gain a clearer understanding of ship movements, and make decisions with increased confidence
  • Build a more comprehensive picture of global shipping, aiding accurate prediction of vessel destination and ETA
  • Adaptable, dynamic service, tailored to individual needs and work flows
  • View a more accurate picture of your competitors' movements and market share