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The most accurate insights into global vessel movements with a custom interface that streamlines what’s important

In May 2013, Genscape acquired GmbH to create the world's largest land and sea supply chain monitoring network. Today, Genscape Vesseltracker monitors over 144,000 vessels daily in near real-time using the largest, most advanced privately owned AIS antenna and satellite network. Users of Genscape Vesseltracker create customized views into global vessel movements to see a more complete picture of the route, fleet, and vessel data needed to gain a competitive edge.

Precise, bespoke tracking of vessel movements for a more complete picture of the global supply chain

Observed DestinationsUsers can access data via the online platform or receive bespoke data extracts to integrate into 3rd party or in-house systems. Additionally, an interactive mobile application and a fully customizable alerting system provide the ability to monitor fleets of interest from anywhere. Today, Vesseltracker data is one of the driving forces behind several Genscape intelligence services including the African Waterborne Crude Report and North American Waterborne Crude Report, delivering easy-to-digest, actionable insights into the global oil supply chain.

Predictive analytics solve AIS data gaps to provide advance notice of important changes to planned LNG vessel movements

Through the acquisition of Commodity Vectors in early 2015, Genscape also bridges AIS data gaps in the LNG shipping industry using predictive analytics. A powerful, proprietary self-learning and self-correcting statistical methodology allows clients to monitor the global LNG fleet every 15 mins, and view 14 day forecasts that analyze data at vessel, port, country and regional level along key routes and terminals, whether or not AIS data is available.

A unique ability to provide satellite-based AIS data from a variety of sources delivers a distinct market advantage

Genscape Vesseltracker provides extensive coverage of global shipping activities with one of the largest and fastest growing terrestrial AIS networks in the world. With its proprietary monitoring methodologies and technologies, and advanced analytics capabilities, Genscape is able to provide unique, accurate, and actionable insights into the global flows of energy commodities. Additional, through Genscape's strategic partnerships, Genscape Vesseltracker users gain access to the most advanced satellite-based AIS tracking systems for clear, real-time visibility into vessel movements across the globe.

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"Having been a user of a number of other AIS providers in the past, our decision to partner ourselves with Genscape Vesseltracker is firmly based on our confidence in their superior AIS data and the excellent Customer Service and Technical Support that the Genscape VesselTracker team provide to us. In our experience, Genscape VesselTracker has always provided high quality, reliable data, when and where we need it."

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