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Real-time monitoring of LNG cargos, terminals, routes & state-of-the-art predicative algorithms

Bridge AIS data gaps with proven algorithms that predict future vessel actions

Global LNG Monitor Shipping Route Global LNG Monitor is Genscape’s real-time monitoring and tracking system for the global LNG fleet. Using Genscape Vesseltracker AIS data and proprietary maritime analysis technology to deliver a more complete picture of real-time energy flows, both land and sea, worldwide, Global LNG Monitor provides traders with access to key market information. This advanced technology gives traders unique and immediate insight into the location of waterborne LNG, both now and in the near future, and the critical data necessary to make optimized trading decisions.

Global LNG Monitor combines current and historical vessel movements with additional data sources, including port information, to track cargos in real-time and predict future actions. Proprietary learning algorithms and big data methodology drive real-time analysis, providing users with a more complete picture of the global LNG market by filling in the gaps.

Users have the ability to easily and quickly export current and historical data on both actual and predicted vessel movements, as well as the ability to analyze the evolution of supply and demand fundamentals.


Delivery: Web-based interface; Excel datafeed

Frequency: Real-time

Locations: Global

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Access Genscape’s highly accurate predictions of cargo coming into Milford Haven
White Paper: Understand how global LNG is about to experience a tidal wave of new supply

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Global LNG Monitor clients receive:

  • Global LNG fleet coverage with the world’s largest privately owned AIS network through Genscape Vesseltracker
  • Statistically accurate future predictions
  • Three years of historical analysis
  • Access to real-time data through a web-based interface and datafeed

global mapping

Highly accurate and detailed mapping capabilities identify areas of interest and ports. The map above shows the Port of Singapore
LNG predictive monitor
Given the vessel’s AIS data and the geographical information identified through the mapping capabilities, the system calculates where the vessel is going and where it has come from using predictive algorithms
global lng aggregate
Once the vessel’s origin and destination have been identified, the system allows for custom aggregation by port, country, region and more. The chart above shows the vessel aggregated by port


The world's most comprehensive & accurate picture of global shipping

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With real-time and predicted vessel actions, clients:

  • Solve AIS data gaps with predictive intelligence
  • Get unique and immediate insight into where waterborne LNG is to optimize trading decisions
  • Gain a strong proxy for production and demand with terminal-level data
  • Monitor the global LNG flow landscape in real-time
  • Improve or validate in-house models with granular datafeed
  • Accurately and confidently predict cargo arrival into Milford Haven
The world's most comprehensive & accurate picture of global shipping
White Paper: Understand how global LNG is about to experience a tidal wave of new supply